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Christopher’s Garden [The Gnomon] is one of my all time favorite places in West Asheville.  It’s a place where I go to relax, get inspired, meditate and hang out to talk plants with my good friend Christopher.  Sunday there is going to be an amazing community event sponsored by the W.A.L.K., the Hop and a bunch of other cool local businesses, to celebrate the garden and raise money for infrastructure improvements.  If you’ve met Christopher or spent time in this unique urban garden he has created then you already know what a special/magic place this is.  If you haven’t been yet then Sunday will be a fun way to meet the garden and it’s creator and help insure that it continues to grow under Christopher’s careful hand.

Here’s the link to the facebook event site: Christopher’s Garden Fundraiser

From the W.A.L.K.: Come celebrate with us! This Sunday, June 2, we are celebrating Christopher’s Garden, a magical garden in East West Asheville, a special place where Christopher Mello welcomes us and opens his garden to our community every day. Come see our beloved and legendary urban garden……a place to meet and meander ♥ On…..Sunday, June 2 in the garden, at the corner of Waynesville Avenue & Westwood Place from noon till 9 pm.

There will be a raffle in the garden at 9pm for gift certificates and gifts from Battle Cat, Bari Salon @barisalon, Harvest Records @harvestrecords , Second Gear @secondgearwnc , The Littlest Birds @LittlestBirdsNC, Zia Taqueria @ZiaTaqueriaAVL , Flora @Flora_Designs , Cat Finks at Asheville Community Accupuncture, and more! Raffle tickets are available at WALK or Christopher’s Garden, 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. Sponsored by WALK, who will donate 100% from dedicated taps to Christopher’s Garden, as well as The Hop West who will be vending ice cream in the garden.

Last year I researched the land records on the property to figure out what the old house number would have been on the Westwood Place side entrance. It was a fascinating peek into West Asheville’s beginnings of the way we see it today. You can read about the history of the garden before it was a garden here:

Number 5 Westwood


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Riverside Cemetery Revisited In September of last year I made a photo essay at Riverside Cemetery on a beautiful foggy morning.  Last week I got a phone call from the cemetery saying they had found the photos on-line and wanted to get permission to use them on their Facebook page.  You should go like them, you can do that here.   So nice that they asked me first!  I really hate finding my photos out there scooped up by a website or an article with no reference given to where they got it from or request for permission. (BIG pet peeve for me.)   Anyway I made a little fuss about it all over on my own facebook page and I have gotten some wonderful response from it!  So I’m putting the full essay up in my gallery for you to check out and if you want to order a print you can do that too!

“A Photo Essay of Riverside Cemetery – 50 shots or less.”
CLicKs Photography: Rivderside Cemetery &emdash;

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Pop’s Radish Our first true fruit from the garden! Pop picked it this afternoon and ate it within a few minutes of me photographing it. Which is good because Pop’s been having asparagus and radish dreams for weeks. Although we could easily remedy it with store bought, he maintains they are truly best just fresh from the dirt.  And will I understand this on a personal level other than optical appreciation anytime soon? Probably not since that was the one and only radish we had come up from our March planting. (Too cold, not enough rain). But this one little husky brute persevered and was eaten and enjoyed as it’s own reward.

Otherwise in the garden, everything from the greenhouse that we started from seed in February has now been in the garden for a week or more and is going nuts being in real dirt! Sunflowers have been planted all along the fence between the GH and the garden as well as a few urns of flowers out front.  Pop & I got a 75 ft soaker hose for Pop to cut down into pieces and installed it along the row between the peas, beans & big tomato plants fed from from the Big Mamu cistern up at the house under the deck. Still trying to get a feel for the flow of the drip since it’s all gravity fed and I am suddenly obsessed with weather systems in a new and fascinating way .

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Best of WNC? Well, friends and neighbors it’s that time of year again.  The Mountain Express is running their “Best of WNC” popularity poll for everything under the sun that is Asheville and Western North Carolina. Please consider putting my name in for Best Photographer.  Not because I really think I am, (I know over two dozen amazingly talented photographers that live and work here and each of them is just as deserving if not more so), but because word of mouth referral is so vital to my business and you can’t get a referral if no one has ever heard of you. Since Mountain Express has one of the biggest mouths around that makes placing in this poll important. So go to the poll, vote for people, places, restaurants and services you like here in Asheville, spread the word for the sake of the uninitiated who want to shop local but don’t know how and help some small businesses get some big exposure.

Click the link to betaken to this year’s ballot.


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The Art of Sharon Pruyne I recently did some portfolio catalog work for Sharon Pryune, an artist in Mars Hill.  She is an an amazing woman who is not only a vivid artist who specializes in trompe l’oeil but a nutritionist, personal trainer, innovative homesteader and organic farmer.  She is organizing her latest winter crop of paintings for show and sale and I’m very glad she chose me to document her unique pieces.  If  you are interested in her art contact me and I will be put you in touch with her.



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Asheville Monsoon Season

And also festival time is upon us. Yay! We did our best yesterday and took the craft tent out for the first “dry” run in a couple of years.  Good thing too cause it’s been raining since then.  No complaints though. I think Hillary Frye and I did a very professional job presenting ourselves and we were cozy and dry inside it and talked about how we are going to be taking this show on the road.  For afters we went to the All Go West Festival in the parking lot of the Isis and caught he Jonathan Scales Fourchestra which made up for all of the dampness quite nicely.

Craft Tent on a Sunny Day Inside the tent at the Circle Shakedown Inside the tent at the Circle Shakedown Inside the tent at the Circle Shakedown Inside the tent at the Circle Shakedown Inside the tent at the Circle Shakedown Inside the tent at the Circle Shakedown Jonathan Scales Fourchestra at All Go West Festival, April 27, 2013 Jonathan Scales Fourchestra at All Go West Festival, April 27, 2013 Jonathan Scales Fourchestra at All Go West Festival, April 27, 2013 Rainy-Banner

But the BEST of all news about all of this precipitation the new rain capture system is not only working off all of the gutters on the north facing side of the house, it filled in five hours yesterday!! That’s about 150 gallons of rain water with overflow being diverted into the yard!!  Woo Hoo!  It’s going to be a lovely summer for our garden!



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Wamboldtopia Wow! This weekend I went to the spring opening of Wamboldtopia, the private residences, studio and gardens of Damaris & Ricki Pierce.  Hidden away in a small neighborhood of West Asheville,these amazing artists work together using found, recycled, up-cycled and handmade pieces to transform their fairly typical home and backyard, purchased in 1999,  into a fantastic wonderland of imagination and plantings.  It was a complete delight to wander the garden paths around the house and studio, exploring the many surprising facets and little gems of art & design sprinkled about this special place waiting to be discovered.

Walmboldtopia is a private home/studio space and as such is available by appointment only except on a few days a year, like yesterday, when they open the yard to the public. Check the above websites out (all the links have different sites attached) to find out when the next special opportunity will be.

[If you don't like to scroll, click an image and the slideshow will open.]











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Masquerade! Last Saturday night was Leadership Asheville‘s Masquerade Gala at the Grove Park Inn.   What a fun and fancy time it was with great food, music, dancing, and silent auctions lasting late into the evening inside GPI’s gorgeous Country Club!   Loved seeing the amazing variety of masks that everyone wore and several were created just for the event by Murphy Capps of Kudzu Branding & Design.


More photos from the masquerade can be viewed here in my gallery:
Leadership Asheville Masquerade 2013

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1st Friday Downtown Art Walk Very proud of my oldest daughter for choosing and purchasing her first true piece of local art at Zapow during the 1st Friday Downtown Art Walk. It is now framed and hanging in a place of honor in her room. Awesome!

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Gone A’Waltzin’. . . Last week I covered the monthly Waltz Night event at the Orange Peel which is organized by Dance Asheville, a google group for area dancer lovers.  While this was my first time watching this particular form, it dearly reminded me of Saturday night swing dances at Glen Echo‘s ballroom back in DC.

Newbies to waltzing are encouraged to come and try it out with an hour long lesson for just $5, staying for the rest of the dance is an additional $10. The music is live and there is no shortage of helpful dancers on the floor too while you get the hang of it.  Great exercise, great fun and a neat way to make some new friends.

You can check out more photos from Waltz Night on he Orange Peel’s FaceBook page here.

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